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Run & Ride Fitting

Midland Bike Fit - Professional Bike Fitting

Optimising your position on the bike will reduce the risk of injuries developing due to poor fit, and increase the level of comfort when you ride the bike. Putting up with back pain, knee pain, a sore neck or numb hands should not be part of cycling - these are really common issues that we see every day at the and that can usually be fixed with a good bike fit - and often some work off the bike too (Yoga anyone?). Midland Bike Fit use 3D motion capture technology to assess your riding position, measuring the angles of your joint dynamically, so as to eliminate any guesswork resulting in a true fit to your bike - maximizing efficiency, increasing performance and avoiding discomfort or injury. Our software will look in detail at your knee tracking in 3D, allowing us to make changes to optimise the power to the pedals

About The Bike Fitting Process:

3D Motion Capture Technology

Using a 3d Infrared camera, we are able to monitor your riding position under various intensities and assess where improvements to your set up can be made by analysing the bike fit dynamically - measuring various joint angles as you ride. As well as improving the comfort of your bike, we are also focusing on your efficiency and power. By tweaking your position to account for your body shape, proportions and conditioning, we are able to come up with the most effective riding position on your current equipment.

Physical Assessment & FM Screening

Flexibility is an integral part of this, and will be looked at in detail, testing the hips, hamstrings, lower back, quads and your overall posture. You will also be assessed for any discrepancies in leg length. It is rare for anybody to have both legs exactly the same length, in fact a discrepancy of 3mm is considered 'normal'. This may be true for day to day activities such as walking, but on a machine such as a bicycle where you are forcing your body to function symmetrically, these discrepancies must be compensated for and corrected. As well as flexibility and leg length analysis, functional movement and stability is something we look at. Core strength and quality of movement (control of certain movement patterns) are essential to function properly on the bike and often the discomfort you experience while riding is something that can be corrected off the bike.

Cleat Adjustment And Foot Correction

The size of your foot, the pronation / supination of the foot, and the size/shape/strength of your arch are all considered and form part of the assessment. By taking a 'non weighted' and 'weighted' measurement of your foot, we are able to determine the level of arch support needed (if any) and recommend the correct footbeds to ensure that this is corrected. A properly supported arch will increase power delivery to the pedal, and be far more comfortable after a few miles. Your cleats will then be positioned accordingly. Wedges / shims if necessary will be added at this time to account for leg length discrepancies or any ‘Varus’ or ‘Valgus’ tilt to the forefoot (very common).

Report And Bike Fit Documentation

This will be sent to you following on from your fitting as a pdf document, and the report will contain the information relating to your session. Results of your physical assessment as well as some information on how to improve on certain areas will be included - and we can also make available to you to the pictures and videos taken during the fitting if you so wish.

Pro Bike Fit Session - £150

  • In Depth Assesment
  • 3D Bike Fit Analysis
  • Cleat Adjustment
  • Rider Assessment
  • Bike Set Up & PDF Report

Cleat Adjustment And Knee Alignment - £50

  • 1 Hour Session
  • Set Up One Pair Of Shoes
  • Ensure Correct Cleat Placement
  • Improve Knee Tracking
  • Shims & Wedges if necessary

To Book any of th above please call 07775334493.

Performance Testing - £15 (*Temporarily On Hold*)

Training with Heart rate is now the standard whilst training with power is becoming more and more assessable every year. All the new tech is fantastic for being able to dial your training so you get the best out of your time. Of course knowing how to do this can be a task in itself and thats where we can help.

If you're looking to get more out of your training and want to understand how training to power or heart rate can help you improve then we can assist. By carrying out an FTP test on one of our indoor units we can set up your training zones and give you the basic understanding about how to structure your training to achieve your next goal. That might be weight loss or improve you speed, it all starts with knowing where you are and then you can plan where to go next.

If you are training hard and want to track your performance than an FTP test is a great way of setting a base line and then showing how much you've improved. Carried out in a closed environment, test conditions can be replicated for every test so you know if you are performing better or worse / if your training is working for you or not. If you're working towards an important goal then we'd recommend a test every 4 to 6 weeks to help track performance.

Indoor Training Sessions - £5 per session (*Temporarily On Hold*)

We're now able to offer specific indoor training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6.30pm until 7.30pm. These are intense sessions designed to push your capability and keep you fit throughout the winter period. Carried out on state of the art indoor direct drive trainers from Elite and Tacx, we link up to Zwift to make the sessions as interactive as possible. These are group sessions (6 at a time) and we encourage a bit of encouragement and competition throughout the group. We prefer you to have a subscription to Zwift (£12 per month) but if you haven't then we will set you up on the stores for the purpose of the session. Every session will have a leader that will instruct, monitor and encourage you throughout the session.

If you book for the 8 week program than it will also include 2 x FTP tests to help monitor your performance

You will need to bring along your own bike that will be fitted onto the trainer for you.We have limited spots available each week so pre-booking is recommended.

Physiotherapy - £35

'Lets face it injury sucks!' Are you fed up with Tight Muscles & Struggling to move due to Tightness or Injury? Do you want to kick back and have a recovery massage after a hard training session?

Treatments/Sports massage include Pull & Tight muscles , legs, arms , shoulders, back etc. Shoulder injuries Achilles' problems Plantar Fasciitis (foot) Lower back discomfort How to book , give Alison a call on 07752 276471

Cost £35 per session. Each treatment lasts approx 1 hour.

AMG Fitness and 3R Sportsmassage has been established for over 7 years . Looking after individuals & people, athletes in the Mid Staffs area. These include British champions, and international athletes.

Alison from AMG is a member of Cannock & Stafford AC and has travelled the world competing. She has won British Titles and International championship medals She knows how important it is to reduce the risk of injury, but when it happens the important thing is to return to full function as quickly as possible . But also to stay in good condition in order to be at my best during competition. Sport massage helps in some many ways , from helping to recover from injury as quickly as possible to being fully prepared and ready to compete at the highest level.

To Book - 07752 276471