Let us first welcome you to Run & Ride, well our website anyway. We hope you notice that we’re not some big corporate giant but instead a very professional medium sized company based in Staffordshire right on Cannock Chase. The business is run by cycling, running, walking; well outdoor sports enthusiasts. We all have a true passion for the outdoor and we feel that this always transfers into how we operate the business. We don’t just talk shop we get out there and enjoy it and it's this that's so important when dealing with you the customer. You see because we have a genuine passion for the sports. We are able to offer knowledgeable and honest advice, not just what we’ve read in a booklet. 

The brands we stock such as Scott, Cannondale, Whyte, Frog, Genesis, Garmin, OTE, Madison are in the store because we love their products. We've been out and tested them or we own products from them ourselves. Tried and tested and guess what if they fail we stop using them and we stop selling them!

Please have a look around the site. We hope you like it. You'll find products from a number of big brands but you'll also find products from a few smaller lesser known ones too such as Spokesman clothing, Accelerade nutrition and Ginger & French gifts and cards. You’ll also notice we've tried to make the experience as good and simple as possible therefore we've included "click and collect", online finance option so you can do all the paperwork from your own home. We also have a fantastic customer rewards program to support those who support us. 

Finally we'd like to touch on our pricing policy. We understand that we need to be competitive therefore we offer a price match policy on hundreds of items. It's really simple, just click on the option on the page and send us the details. Couldn't be easier.

Well we'll leave it there for now. Once again thank you for visiting our store and we hope you enjoy your experience. And please remember if you have any questions then feel free to ask.

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    Run and Ride Bike Fitting

    Run & Ride together with Midland Bike fit have come together to create a new professional Bike Fit Studio and Run & Ride Hednesford Store. Fitted out with all the latest equipment we'll be able offer services from pre bike purchase, current bike fit through to cleat and pedal set up. 

    Midland Bike Fit

    Midland Bike fit have been offering a comprehensive bike fitting service to cyclists of all abilities and disciplines for a number of years. they aim to get you riding your bike faster, more comfortably and most importantly – injury free. Sessions are available for road bikes, triathlon/TT bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross and hybrids. Dan from Midland Bike Fit has been studying the science behind bike fit for many years, and recently qualified as an SICI bike fitter with Serrotta Cycling Institute in New York. He understands the kit used during a fit is only part of the package to get a great fit and uses a mix of his training and experience as cyclist himself to get the best for the customer. 

    You can book in a number of ways;

    Email: info@runandride.co.uk
    Landline: 01543 877745
    Mobile: 07775334493

    The Process

    Optimizing your position on the bike will reduce the risk of injuries developing due to poor fit, and increase the level of comfort when you ride the bike. Putting up with back pain, knee pain, a sore neck or numb hands should not be part of cycling – these are really common issues that we see every day at the studio and that can be fixed with a good bike fit – and often some work off the bike too (Yoga anyone?). Midland Bike Fit use advanced motion capture technology to assess your riding position and to eliminate any guesswork and resulting in a true fit to your bike – maximizing efficiency, increasing performance and avoiding discomfort or injury.

    Motion Capture Technology & Power Testing - Our studio is equipped with the latest motion capture & analysis software, as well as a CompuTrainer with built in power meter and SpinScan technology . Using HD video recordings of your riding position under various intensities, we are able to assess where improvements to your set up can be made by analyzing the bike fit dynamically – measuring various joint angles as you ride.As well as improving the comfort of your bike fit your balance on the bike, we are also able to quantify any improvements by showing how your power output changes as we try different positions on the bike. The SpinScan readout will also tell us whether you are left/right side dominant, where you are applying force to the pedals through the pedal stroke, and also how efficient and smooth you are whilst pedalling.

    Physical Assessment / Functional Movement Screening - In order to find the best position on the bike for you, a thorough physical examination is essential. Flexibility is an integral part of this, and will be looked at in detail, testing the hips, hamstrings, lower back, quads and your overall posture. You will also be assessed for any discrepancies in leg length. It is rare for anybody to have both legs exactly the same length, in fact a discrepancy of 3mm is considered ‘normal’. This may be true for day to day activities such as walking, but on a machine such as a bicycle where you are forcing your body to function symmetrically, these discrepancies must be compensated for and corrected. As well as flexibility and leg length analysis, functional movement and stability is something we look at. Core strength and quality of movement (control of certain movement patterns) are essential to function properly on the bike and often the discomfort you experience while riding is something that can be corrected off the bike. 

    Cleat Adjustment / Foot Assessment - The foot – pedal interface is extremely important and will be looked at in great detail. The size of your foot, the pronation / supination of the foot, and the size/shape/strength of your arch are all considered and form part of the assessment. By taking a ‘non weighted’ and ‘weighted’ measurement of your foot, we are able to determine the level of arch support needed (if any) and provide the correct footbeds to ensure that this is corrected. A properly supported arch will increase power delivery to the pedal, and be far more comfortable after a few miles. Your cleats will then be positioned accordingly. Wedges / shims if necessary will be added at this time to account for leg length discrepancies or any ‘Varus’ or ‘Valgus’ tilt to the forefoot (very common).

    Report & Bike Fit Documentation - At the end of the session, the measurements from your new bike set up will be taken and recorded for your reference.This will be sent to you immediately following on from your fitting, and can be used to transfer your position across to another bike (although this can be difficult when your bikes are different sizes and have different components). The report will contain the results of your physical assessment and contain some information on how to improve on certain areas, and we can also make available to you to the pictures and videos taken during the fitting if you so wish.

    Pro Fit - £130 - Suitable for Road, TT, Cyclocross and Triathlon.

    • 2 – 3 Hour Session
    • Includes Follow Up Sessions
    • Cleat Adjustment
    • CompuTrainer SpinScan Analysis
    • Power Testing & Optimization
    • Fittings take place at our Hednesford studio 

    Mountain Bike - £75

    • 1.5 – 2 hour session
    • Incudes Follow Up Sessions
    • Optimize Your Riding Performance
    • Cleat Adjustment (If you use them)
    • Fitted during the same session, or at a later date

    Additional Bike - £50

    • 1 Hour Session
    • Set Up Your Second Bike
    • Ideal For Winter Bike / Commuter
    • At The Same Session Or Later Date
    • Prevent Injury From Changing Bikes
    • Consultation with a bike fit professional 

    Pre Purchase Fit - £30.00

    • Approx 30 Minutes
    • Unbiased Independent Advice
    • Ideal Geometry PDF
    • Discuss Potential Options
    • Look At Various Frame Geometry

    Book now Email: info@runandride.co.uk   Landline: 01543 877745   Mobile: 07775334493

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