Let us first welcome you to Run & Ride, well our website anyway. We hope you notice that we’re not some big corporate giant but instead a very professional medium sized company based in Staffordshire right on Cannock Chase. The business is run by cycling, running, walking; well outdoor sports enthusiasts. We all have a true passion for the outdoor and we feel that this always transfers into how we operate the business. We don’t just talk shop we get out there and enjoy it and it's this that's so important when dealing with you the customer. You see because we have a genuine passion for the sports. We are able to offer knowledgeable and honest advice, not just what we’ve read in a booklet. 

The brands we stock such as Scott, Cannondale, Whyte, Frog, Genesis, Garmin, OTE, Madison are in the store because we love their products. We've been out and tested them or we own products from them ourselves. Tried and tested and guess what if they fail we stop using them and we stop selling them!

Please have a look around the site. We hope you like it. You'll find products from a number of big brands but you'll also find products from a few smaller lesser known ones too such as Spokesman clothing, Accelerade nutrition and Ginger & French gifts and cards. You’ll also notice we've tried to make the experience as good and simple as possible therefore we've included "click and collect", online finance option so you can do all the paperwork from your own home. We also have a fantastic customer rewards program to support those who support us. 

Finally we'd like to touch on our pricing policy. We understand that we need to be competitive therefore we offer a price match policy on hundreds of items. It's really simple, just click on the option on the page and send us the details. Couldn't be easier.

Well we'll leave it there for now. Once again thank you for visiting our store and we hope you enjoy your experience. And please remember if you have any questions then feel free to ask.

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    Run and Ride Bike Fitting

    Run & Ride are now able to offer a number of options for those looking to improve their fitness and well being. From a basic bike fit to a performance test to physiotherapy all in our Perfromance Hub at the Hednesford store. 

    Bike Fit - £45

    We've teamed up with Radlabor to offer a simple and straight forward bike fit. With their computerised system we take a number of key readings to determine the correct sizing and measurements for your saddle height, saddle position, stem length and saddle to bar drop. We will then transfer these measurements to your bike and set you up in a position to suits your style of riding such as off road, road sportive, road endurance or racing. This fit is ideal for riders who are just getting into cycling or have been riding for a short period of time and want to move their performance on to the next level.

    The whole fit will take around 1hr 30 and we'll require you to bring along your bike and full kit to ride indoors. We will spend some time to discuss your preferred riding style and set your bike up accordingly. 

    Please consider that this is a basic bike fit and whilst we are able to set your bike up for a better fit it's not suitable should you have a serious issue with an injury. If this is the case them we would recommend that you seek out an alternative company that can provide you with a comprehensive bikes fit service. 

    At the end of the session, the measurements from your new bike set up will be taken and recorded for your reference.This will be sent to you immediately following on from your fitting, and can be used to transfer your position across to another bike (although this can be difficult when your bikes are different sizes and have different components)

    You can book in a number of ways;

    Email: info@runandride.co.uk
    Landline: 01543 877745

    Performance Testing - £15

    Training with Heart rate is now the standard whilst training with power is becoming more and more assessable every year. All the new tech is fantastic for being able to dial your training so you get the best out of your time. Of course knowing how to do this can be a task in itself and thats where we can help. 

    If you're looking to get more out of your training and want to understand how training to power or heart rate can help you improve then we can assist. By carrying out an FTP test on one of our indoor units we can set up your training zones and give you the basic understanding about how to structure your training to achieve your next goal. That might be weight loss or improve you speed, it all starts with knowing where you are and then you can plan where to go next. 

    If you are training hard and want to track your performance than an FTP test is a great way of setting a base line and then showing how much you've improved. Carried out in a closed environment, test conditions can be replicated for every test so you know if you are performing better or worse / if your training is working for you or not. If you're working towards an important goal then we'd recommend a test every 4 to 6 weeks to help track performance. 

    Indoor Training Sessions - £32 for an 8 week program or £5 per session

    We're now able to offer specific indoor training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6.30pm until 7.30pm. These are intense sessions designed to push your capability and keep you fit throughout the winter period. Carried out on state of the art indoor direct drive trainers from Elite and Tacx, we link up to Zwift to make the sessions as interactive as possible. These are group session (6 at a time) and we encourage a bit of encouragement and competition throughout the group. We prefer you to have a subscription to Zwift (£8 per month) but if you haven't then we will set you up on the stores for the purpose of the session. Every session will have a leader that will instruct, monitor and encourage you throughout the session.

    If you book for the 8 week program than it will also include 2 x FTP tests to help monitor your performance 

    You will need to bring along your own bike that will be fitted onto the trainer for you. 

    We have limited spots available each week so pre-booking is recommended

    Physiotherapy - £30

    We've teamed up with AMG Fitness to offer a full range of treatments to help you stay injury free or help you get over a current injury. Alison from AMG has years of experience in both Physiotherapy and as an Athlete so she can relate when you've got a problem that’s causing you problems and holding you back. You'll get a very friendly welcome, full assessment and then treatment aligned to your assessment. Then if you wish you can have a tailored plan to suit any issues to help you get back on track. 

    To Book - 07752 276471

    Coaching - Price Depending On Plan

    Are you looking to take your perfromance to another level? If so then we can help improve your running or cycling. From an occasional one to one training session to structured plan to help you hit a long term goal we can help. Please get intouch for more details

    Book now Email: info@runandride.co.uk   Landline: 01543 877745

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