Let us first welcome you to Run & Ride, well our website anyway. We hope you notice that we’re not some big corporate giant but instead a very professional medium sized company based in Staffordshire right on Cannock Chase. The business is run by cycling, running, walking; well outdoor sports enthusiasts. We all have a true passion for the outdoor and we feel that this always transfers into how we operate the business. We don’t just talk shop we get out there and enjoy it and it's this that's so important when dealing with you the customer. You see because we have a genuine passion for the sports. We are able to offer knowledgeable and honest advice, not just what we’ve read in a booklet. 

The brands we stock such as Scott, Cannondale, Whyte, Frog, Genesis, Garmin, OTE, Madison are in the store because we love their products. We've been out and tested them or we own products from them ourselves. Tried and tested and guess what if they fail we stop using them and we stop selling them!

Please have a look around the site. We hope you like it. You'll find products from a number of big brands but you'll also find products from a few smaller lesser known ones too such as Spokesman clothing, Accelerade nutrition and Ginger & French gifts and cards. You’ll also notice we've tried to make the experience as good and simple as possible therefore we've included "click and collect", online finance option so you can do all the paperwork from your own home. We also have a fantastic customer rewards program to support those who support us. 

Finally we'd like to touch on our pricing policy. We understand that we need to be competitive therefore we offer a price match policy on hundreds of items. It's really simple, just click on the option on the page and send us the details. Couldn't be easier.

Well we'll leave it there for now. Once again thank you for visiting our store and we hope you enjoy your experience. And please remember if you have any questions then feel free to ask.

Unit 1A North Walls Stafford ST16 3AD
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    Muc Off Wash Protect Lube Kit http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/125868.jpeg

    A great value pack fro Muc Off. The Wash Protect Lube Kit has products in it to do just what it says. Muc Off Pink cleaner, MO94 bike spray for after the bikes been cleaned and then some wet lube for the chain. 

    Muc Off Foam Fresh 400ml Clothing and Accessory Cleaner http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/mucofffoam-fresh.jpg

    With the Muc-Off Foam Fresh you can clean pads, goggles, helmets, shoes... anything that's got a soft material and comes into contact with the body

    Muc Off Miracle Shine Cycle Polish http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/mucoffmiracle-shine.jpg

    Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish 500ml is perfect for anybody who wants to keep their bike looking like it just rolled of the shop floor. It will have the bike gleaming! 

    Muc Off MO-94 400ml Bike Spray http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/mo-94-1.jpg

    Muc-Off MO-94 is a great multi purpose spray that can be used on bikes as a very light lube. Great when used over moving parts such as rear mechs, pedals arms to lubricate and help drive out water. 

    Muc Off Bicycle Essential Cleaning Kit http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/

    Muc-Off Bicycle Essentials Kit contains everything all essentials any cyclist need to keep their pride and joy running smooth. 

    Muc Off Pink Bike Cleaner 5ltr http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc907.jpg

    It's Muc Off pink cleaner but in a big tub so hopefully you don't run out and always have a super clean bike. Oh and it's far cheaper to buy in the big tub than small 1ltr bottles

    Muc Off Fabric Protector Aerosol 400ml http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fabric-protect.jpg

    Muc-Off Fabric Protector is really clever stuff. Once sprayed onto the surface of the garment you want to protect, Fabric Protect guards against fluids like Water, Tomato Ketchup, Honey, Ice cream syrup, egg, oil and grime!

    Muc Off Silicone Shine 500ml http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc227.jpg

    Silicon Shine not only leaves your bike looking factory fresh, but it also acts as an amazing friction reducer for suspension parts and reduces dirt adhesion. Spray it onto your fork stanchions and rear shocks to reduce resistance.

    Muc Off Visor, Lens and Goggle 250. http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/helmet-visor-cleaner.jpg.png

    Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaner quickly and safely removes dirt, dust, grime, snow, sweat and oily residue from all helmets, eye wear and goggles.

    Muc Off Bike Spray Aerosol http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/ No Description Available
    Muc Off Drive Chain Cleaner http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/drive-chain-cleaner.png

    The Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner is the complete drivetrain cleaning solution that can either be poured into a chain cleaning device or sprayed directly onto your draivechain.

    Muc Off Wet Lube 120ml http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/wet-chain-lube.jpg.png

    As the weather turns wet and windy you'll need a more heavy duty lube for the drive chain. We recommend this wet lube from MUC OFF. It does the job plus it's easy to apply so you don't end up using too much. 

    Muc Off Dry Lube 125ml http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc966.jpg

    This is our best selling dry lube. As the name suggests it's ideal for dry and dusty conditions and will keep your drive-chain running smooth as

    Muc Off Nano Gel Cleaner Refil 500ml http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/bike-cleaner-concentrate.jpg

    A concentrated version of the popular Muc Off cleaner. Use in a diluted form or neat as a degreaser.

    Muc Off Biodegradable 1 Litre Cycle Cleaner http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/bike-cleaner.jpg

    Regarded as the best general cleaner available 

    Muc Off C3 Wet Ceramic Cycle Lube 120ml http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc870.jpg

    Tired of your lube getting too thick or washing off during wet weather? Then try the best wet lube around

    Muc Off Disc Brake Cleaner 400ml http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc913.jpg

    Keep those all important brakes running in tip top condition with the Muc Off Brake Cleaner

    Muc Off Team Sky Cleaning Kit And Dry Bag http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/1_76bd78e5-70b5-4f99-8262-01c5a84207cf_1024x1024.jpg

    Great for any bike racer. The Muc Off Dry Bag Kit contains all the essentials in a 15 liters dry bag suitable for storage of wet sweaty kit after the race

    Muc Off Ultimate Valet Kit http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/10_5a5996ac-5a11-484a-b788-e3eb4abaf0f2_1024x1024-1.jpg

    The Ultimate Valet Kit from Muc Off for the rider that's super serious about keeping his bike/s in prime condition. The pack contains everything to keep looking as if it's just left the showroom

    Muc Off X-3 Cycle Chain Cleaner http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/x-3-dirty-chain-machine-1.jpg

    The revamped Muc-Off X-3 Chain Cleaner is simple and straight forward to use and best of all it does a great job. Includes a 75ml pot of drive-chain cleaner 

    Muc Off Ultimate Bicycle Kit http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/mucoffbicycle-ultimate-cleaning-kit1.jpg.png

    Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Kit is exactly what it says it is. Everything you may ever need to clean, protect, lube your precious bike all in a handy tool box case. Ideal for all types of bikes

    Muc Off Anti-Fog Treatment http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/premium-anti-fog-treatment.jpg

    Nothing worse then putting glasses on to keep the rubbish out but then them steaming up so you can't see anyway! 

    Muc Off Bike Spray Duo Pack http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc925.jpg

    A simple pack that contains the basics. Cleaner to... well clean the bike and bike spray to lube it afterwards. The basics of keeping your bike running smooth

    Muc Off Wash and Lube Kit http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/wash-n-lube-kit.jpg.png

    This would make a great present for a new bike owner or general bike nut. It includes cleaner, sponge, brush and lube for after you've cleaned the bike. 

    Muc Off Bike Cleaner Concentrate 1ltr http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/bike-cleaner-concentrate.jpg

    How great is this... Save time cleaning the bike with Muc Off Cleaner plus by buying this concentrate you can save your self money because it offers better value over the standard cleaner. Win win

    Muc-Off MO-94 400ml Promo Double Pack http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc935promo.jpg

    Muc-Off MO-94 400ml Buy 1 get 1 Free Twin Pack 

    Muc Off C3 Dry Ceramic Chain Lube http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc872.jpg

    The ultimate chain lubricant for unparalleled performance in dry, dusty or damp conditions. 

    Muc Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc250.jpg

    The 8 in 1 kit from Muc Off has everything you need to sort your bike out!

    Muc Off 5 Brush Set http://www.runandride.co.uk/https://www.runandride.co.uk/images/fisher/fisher-muc206.jpg

    A clean bike is a happy bike so do the job right with the Muc-Off 5 Brush Set

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